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The traditions

Ladin valleys are extremely rich in traditions and customs, mostly connected to cyrcles of nature and life, work in the fields: traditions still present in modern times which add “folk flavours” to the Dolomites.
Weddings, works in the fields, and –most important – religious festivals are the recurring themes of these events in the ladin villages, populated by strong believers.
One exemple for all, the yearly ladin gathering at Pietralba Sanctuary on the last Sunday of September.
Always spectacular are the local processions, or events such as the “Ji a ùs” (collection of eggs): on Easter Monday, young boys from the village go the young ladies to collect as many eggs as possible, by following a precise order: girls will donate 4 eggs if the boy is not the “chosen one”, 6 if he is the “young lover” and 12 if he is going to be the future husband.
Remarkable is also the “Santa Maria dal Ciù” Festival, on August 15th: the young lady farmers collect herbs from the mountains and bring them to church to be blessed: the basket, also filled with flowers, is to be kept until the next thunderstorm. At that moment, it will be burned into the oven.
Furthermore, to celebrate a wedding, the whole village gathers for “Parada & fà la sarada” by the local church: theater pieces are acted to warn the bride that she is going to marry the wrong husband!
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